Sunday, January 31, 2016

Party Down: V3 Sneak Peek

Amazing readers, 

I thought the best way to end January and kick off the months leading up to Volume III's release, would be an early  peek at "Us & Them: Power Lines".  More to come soon-ish:

Our new house was just for me. It was a school for children. Papa said it would make me better. I didn’t know that I was sick.

Mama gave me a bag of apples and told me to be good.

I don’t remember much of it.

I made friends, but they were all boys. Girls only got to be friends after the ninth session in the room. Brandon was sent to visit after my fourth.

With chewed lips, shaggy hair, and red eyes, I almost didn’t recognize him. Mama gave him a bag of apples too. She said that I needed to try harder, so I could come back home, when I thanked her for him. He was too busy crying.

I didn’t understand until he curled up on the floor, and she left.

Brandon had to stay.

He was not a spy. Not like the man in the stories. Spies wouldn’t go to the room. Spies would never cry or beg for help. Spies don’t try to escape before they’ve gotten in.

I didn’t protect him. I couldn’t. He didn’t listen to the white coat men. He was too sad—too cried out to do anything.

They said it was my fault. They sent me back to the room.


Happy reading,