Sunday, February 14, 2016

Party Down: A Second Look At Caroline

Happy commercial holiday to all you lovers out there! I hope you too enjoy the post-affection 50% off chocolate sprint in stores tomorrow too. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy an extended sneak peek at 'Caroline':


No! Not there—higher!


Fight! Fight Back!

Blood has never tasted good. Not in the eighth grade when I fell and busted my lip after missing a penalty kick; or, when Jessica Chase thought it be hot to make-out after a botched at-home tongue piercing…I wonder where she is now. She was a good kisser, blood geyser and all.

Forget her!

You need to fight!

You need to focus.

She wasn’t my first anything—and, yet, I managed to stay in the closet until I was twenty-eight. There is never a right age for your mom to borrow your phone and discover your girlfriend’s newly delivered nudes. Then again, it’s not Thanksgiving without arguing over breast at the table.

Come on!

Don’t tongue around for loose teeth.


I called her crying. She held me. Mint, coffee, and faint flowery perfume—I stood in my parent’s driveway for too long clinging to the comfort of that scent. I have always loved the way Caroline smells…She would do this for me. She would keep me safe.

Elbow. To. The. Neck. 

----End Excerpt