Sunday, April 10, 2016

Things I Learned As Volume III Came To Life


I love writing short stories about women—especially non-heteronormative women of color.

I believe that anyone who lives and identifies as a woman is a woman. And, that means explaining to the ‘devil’s advocates’ in my life that if one identifies as a woman, then, they inherently live as one and vice versa. I also like to assure them that there is no fabulous grand prize that comes with womanhood—unless you count the constant state of folks trying to usurps agency over your body and ‘inalienable’ human rights in general.

Volume III, I believe, is the greatest representation of that love, and, I am so very thankful for the team of people that helped make it happen.

Sitting down and making a story board for each potential short story is the gift that keeps giving. It allows me to get excited for the long process of plopping down and trapping my imagination on the page, and, makes it easier to put ideas on the cutting board.

In the drafting phase of V3, I finally gave into the concept that some follow up short stories should be shelved until there is time to write the potential novel that awaits—re: the Blue Bullet

The composition of a name can be allowed to run deeper than the who/what a person is--I'm not a fan of that.

This series came from the hidden desire to write narratives that could have eased my journey through adolescence. While I think names are amazing plot devices, DOTOS inclines to use them as what they tend to be in some folks everyday reality: a social constraint that impedes establishing agency over their personhood. 

If the chance presents itself to write about amazing figures or organizations in history, I’ll do it. Especially if there’s no wealth of knowledge readily available about them.

It took a while to realize that shining lights on institutions/figures is not synonymous with being in solidarity for and/or against their ideals. It is, however, a means to start a conversation. For instance, in V3, one of my favorite stories in the entire series, “Adoration”, features this dialogue:

"You ever notice how when it’s time to talk real politics—like tonight—nobody ever spouts off about MLK or Gandhi? It’s like they’re just there when people want to derail from issues. You know?"

Fall. I’d like to release V3 in the fall. If only because I need a little more time to say goodbye to this series.