Sunday, October 9, 2016

How The Fall Turned Winter

Revised for the fifth time, she whispered, “And, now? Do you love it?”

It’s seven in the morning and I’m surprised she’s taken my call, patiently listening, again, as I explain why Volume III hasn’t been released.

There's a .pdf of Volume III staring at me from my computer screen. Wrapped in a blue blanket, watching the steam rise from my tea, I tell her the truth.

“Yeah, but I got this new idea.”

“The story you weren’t sure about adding?”


“You’re putting it in?”



“No, I’ve got a different idea.”

“This is why you’re single.”

She’s always good for a laugh at unfortunate hours to be wake.  I tell her, again, why I don’t want Volume III to end on its current note. After a little 'I told you so' teasing and unrelated prodding to ‘buy a goddam ipod,’ she tells me what I already know. For me, and hopefully you, Volume III is worth the wait. 

Down On The Other Street: Volume III 
December 2016 

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